Friday, June 18, 2021

A POST post

 A good chunk of the vintage cards that I pulled from the dollar boxes were Post cereal cards with a few Jello mixed in. When I started this card show's postings I put a couple Braves so those that were needed as Braves are not below.

The ones below are 1963 Jello.

Okay, that is a wrap of the cards from the June card show in Jax.

Have a great weekend, be safe have fun.


  1. Nice title for the post. Glad you picked up some good stuff from the Jax show. I’ll have to get out there again and see Fred’s table and thank the other guy for getting me the A’s stuff.
    Happy Fathers Day if I don’t see a post from you until then.

  2. Good stuff, most of them relatively clean, too. ... I'll get to a card show one of these days.

  3. Really nice collection of Post cards. A lot of fun names, for sure.

  4. Now that's a Post post. I wonder how many complete vintage Post sets there are out there. A few days ago, I realized how hard it would be to complete the large Hostess sets after reading Night Owl's post. Completing a vintage Post set would be even more challenging.

  5. I was not familiar with 1963 Jello. Looked them up, then looked at my one "1963 Post" card (Bobby Richardson) - turns out it's a Jello!

    1. The Jello cards are smaller cards than the regular Post cards.

  6. The only thing this post post is missing is a Wall Post card.