Tuesday, June 22, 2021

A few more 2021 inserts and some other categories

 Diamond Kings Debut.

Some incoming cards from others.

Another DK Debut from Matt. Thanks.

This pair came from reader Oren. Thanks.

These vintage hail from the Night Owl. I didn't need the rookie stars though. I can return it (it is in your stack).

This group were pick ups from the last card show. They are for my Miller binder. Duh. That Prizm is so so Christmasy. I think that gets most of the scan files cleared except for a single seller direct to me Sportlots order. We'll post those on Thursday.


  1. I think I know your want lists better than any besides my own, but it's also easy to get confused by them. Maybe that's what happened.

  2. What an autograph from Jackson Miller.

  3. I like that vintage stack and the Sterling relics.

    And it was nice of Matt to send you a DK care package.

  4. Nice cards. Always liked Tim Hudson from his days with the Braves.

  5. Man... those Hostess cards were nicely cut. Great cards... even if they're Yankees.