Thursday, June 10, 2021

Card Show......... Fred's stuff: part 1

 I will have to break this portion of the card show goodies into two posts. All of what you see tonight came from my buddy Fred. Not his buddies stuff, but Fred's.

Here we go. 

I'm trying to complete the run of these Heritage puzzles. Trout is the first one completed.

Clemente (like Trout) is a PC guy as are all of the cards in this post and the next.

I have no idea what this is. It is card stock and is apx 3.5" wide and apx 4" tall. If you know what or where this comes from let me know.

There are several PC guys on these stamps. Yes, I will be separating them for their PC. No worries if your a Dodger fan, as this was an extra set. More in another post.

Fred had a bunch of 8x10's.

I don't believe that is an actual autograph on this "copy". I think it is a copy of the front of an old program that had been signed.

I'll have to copy these over to my JRD file.

No idea who what or where.

Again, I don't believe those are autographs, not sure. The paper itself is NOT a copy, but an original.

I'll stop here with Ali. There is another post of Fred's stuff. When I asked how much, Fred told me $10.00. Just wait til you see what else I got from him.


  1. Fred had some cool stuff. Those 1989 Dodgers stamps are cool.
    I always get excited when I see sports memorabilia meet up with another popular hobby like stamp collecting.

  2. I'm trying to get make that Trout puzzle myself - nice to see it completed.

  3. Some neat stuff! Would be cool if that was a Gomez auto.

  4. I agree with Mr. Ali - this stuff is a knockout!

  5. "No idea who what or where". It's definitely Ebbets Field. Spent a few minutes trying to figure out more but I couldn't.