Friday, June 11, 2021

Fred's stuff: Part two plus the other guy.

 Technically I mislead you all. There will be a third post from Fred's Stuff. But the last one is a "special" post.

Just 4 more 8x10's.

Joltin Joe.


Well, three photos and a vintage magazine that I have no use for. That wraps up Fred's portion of this post.

Now, back to some actual baseball cards of PC guys. 

Easy to pick out the refractor here.

Top tow are a trio of E-Topps. The Unleashed I grabbed off of Ebay for cheap.

All of the baseball cards above were sitting in dollar boxes (I got a bulk discount). There are plenty more to show that came out of those boxes. The two Dodgers Mother's Cookies cards were actually in with the complete set and those were not in the dollar boxes. With that said.......Dodgers fans might want to catch my next post. (Probably Tuesday).

Have a great weekend!


  1. Dang. A Sammy Sosa Leaf rookie card was sitting in a dollar box (and you got it for even less than that)? I remember when I sold three copies to the card shop I worked at for $150.

  2. Good stuff. Always love seeing Winfield as a Padre.

  3. Decade's Best Fergie wins the round.

  4. Dude, the Pedro E-xceptional is no joke. Those are tough! I got the Jeter recently.

  5. Just thinking about trying to slip that "Lumber Company" Sheffield into a binder page makes me shudder.