Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Wacky Wednesday: 1980 re-runs series 3

 Oh sometime last year or maybe 2019 I highlighted the partial series 3 re-run set. I probably only had 1/3 of the set back then. I now have all but TWO stickers. I am missing #141 Heavy Trash bags and #167 Playbug temporarily. Playbug is en-route to me now, and Heavy Trash is sitting in my ComC inventory.

An unopened pack and the checklist.

I do have the complete puzzle with all kinds of variations of stickers too. I am just being lazy and not re-scanning with the missing piece.

The stickers above are from the last time I posted that I don't believe were in the batch I just got. Those are below minus the 2 that I still need.

I know there are stickers that aren't scanned above, but you'll have to wait until I re-start the Wackys in another year or two. By that time I will have placed the stickers, punch outs, ads, plaques, tattoos and whatever else I have in order and in a binder.

I plan on heading to the card show in Jacksonville on Saturday with a goal of vintage set build needs. I know that my buddy Fred/dealer should be bringing me the "unwanted" Bowman and hopefully Diamond Kings. That should be all of the newer stuff at the show.  May not post again before then, we'll see. 

On a good note relating to Wacky Packages. Recently (as were todays' stickers) I was able to add a slew of needed stickers to the original runs. I was able to complete a few sets too. The next few Wacky posts will be regarding Series 6, 8 through 12, and 15.

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  1. Glad to hear you were able to complete a few WP sets. That's quite the accomplishment.