Thursday, June 17, 2021

I hope that you like old baseball cards

 Okay, we've made it to the vintage section from the card show haul. I will have a few posts, maybe.....maybe squeeze them into two posts.

Let's start out with a few O-Pee-Chee

Always happy to add OPC vintage cards to the set builds.

Now, let's see the Topps set build needs that I pulled from the dollar box (then discounted).

A very trimmed 52'

Beat up 53' & 54".

Plenty of 61' needs.

Spahn, in a dollar box even with the crease......good deal.

McCovey beat and creased as it may be, but for a buck, I'll take it.

I needed the Yankess (unmarked) to close out the needs. The other three were unmarked upgrades. Now I just need one more (Padres) to upgrade.

Can't pass up 74' Washington cards either.

Now, these two are not for anything in my collection. 60's Dell stickers. I figured they would be throw ins for whoever was going to jump on those Dodger programs and photos. Alas, no takers. I grabbed up a few other odd balls too.

The rest below are basically set builds.

I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing with the rub offs below.

Whew got this batch all in one post. Next up are 100% Post/Jello cards.


  1. I don't see McCovey.

    Spahn wins the round. Carlton (wrong team) and Pinson get honorable mentions.

  2. Nice Randy Jones Washington variation rookie card!

  3. What set is that blue Bobby Doerr from?

  4. Those are some great dollar box finds, especially that '63 Spahn. The McCovey and the '52, even in that condition. '69 Carlton too.

  5. That Warren Spahn for a buck? You're living the good life!