Sunday, June 20, 2021

Most recent 2021 additions, not just Braves.

 But, of course I will start with Braves.

Easy to tell which of the Ian Anderson cards is the refractor. I have the Contreras inbound, but still need #119.

Some 2021 Holo Blue needs. Plus a new Hank Aaron card and a Maddux.
A green 2017 and a pair of 201 needs.

I grabbed these cards from 2Bros on Ebay. 45% discount when buying 25 cards (under $5.00 cards that is).


  1. Finest is one of my favorite sets, but I feel like it always is forgotten about or lost in the shuffle of other releases. Nice grabs!

  2. This year's Finest design kinda looks like Bowman's Best meets Topps Fire. I'm sure boxes are way out of my comfort zone, but if I can find some affordable refractors I'll grab them.

  3. Lots of good cards. The Yelich in the throwback uni is my favorite but that Teheran speaks to me as well. Just a good looking card.