Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Wacky Wednesday November 2020

 Here is the Topps monthly run of of WP.

Puzzle 1.

Puzzle 2.

The 4 ad backs that I got.

Last month I got 3 of the 4 Guest Artist cards and just 1 of the Wonky Package cards.

The 2 checklists.  Dece,mber will have 5 weeks in it. I have already got week 1 in hand, week 2 is en-route, 3 is ordered, and I am ordering week 4 today. Week 5 will be ordered next week and it will be the last for me.

Topps' went crazy (probably me too) doing a $15.00 a week thing (plus tax). I figured I would try it this year (2020) to see how it went. It did not go well and here is why.

Too damn expensive this way. 7 cards for $15.00.

Quality sucked. (miscuts etc).

The cards were subbed out to someone/group down in Florida. I'm sure Covid didn't help when it came to shipping, but there was a bigger issue that can only be pointed to pure STUPIDITY. At times I would be waiting on as many as 6 weeks at a time that were processing. Then suddenly there would be 3 even 4 weeks worth ship out on the same day. My issue the idiots couldn't figure out that they were going to the same address and processed and shipped them separately. Easily could have went into 1 package same shipping cost, not that I was paying for shipping it was free to me (sort of). It isn't like there was a mass customer base as ALL print runs were in the hundreds. Surely it was the same group of us ordering each week, at least the majority. I can not accept that kind of laziness or inefficiency. My guess is that that person/s (I actually believe there were two different people) just didn't care. "Not my money" attitude. I say 2 people as the bubble mailers used in shipping were the LARGE ones (like 8x10 kind) on every order. They came folded in one of two different ways over the course of the year and only 2 ways period. I am dead serious when I say they could have fit the entire years run into just one of the mailers. Maybe 2 because they did put each 7 card order into a hard plastic box. Again this points to a complete waste of money.....their money not mine. Shit like this annoys the hell out of me. People are supposed to care about their work, be proud of it (this does not mean that you have to like the work). It doesn't matter if you make $8.00 an hour or $100.00, whether your digging ditches, shoveling shit, or performing brain surgery. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways with that bitching done I am making it clear that I am officially announcing that I will not be participating in the Topps Wacky Packages weekly deals for next year. Unless, Topps comes out with an old fashion set issued in packs or boxes, my Wacky Package run is done. 1960's through 2020.

So disappointed in Topps, but then again what else should I have expected from a Global Conglomerate Disney subsidy. 

I feel better now (not really), how about you?


  1. I'm 100% with you on taking pride in what you do. I'm sure my students get tired of me saying this... but they have my pops to thank. He'd bust out that line whenever he felt I was slacking off... and I'm glad he did.

    I know that storage would be an issue... but it would be cool if Topps could hold onto your online purchases until you're ready to have them shipped. There's an online toy store I've purchased some stuff from and the only reason I did was because you can store your stuff with them until you have enough items to justify the $4 shipping. Can't imagine the amount of storage space this requires for toys and figures... but it seems like cards would take up much less space.

  2. I don't think the quality of the cards is all that great, let alone the shipping issues. The art work is fine but there is very little wording, in comparison with the earlier Wacky's.

    Also, Watkiki Packages is a stretch.

  3. I have never cared for Wacky Packages of any kind, but the play on words continues to be impressive. They really like squids, huh?