Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 2020 Duality (Hobby Goals)

 This will be my LAST post of 2020, and lookie is post #2020. Cheesy, yes and I did plan this out a few weeks ago. I wanted to end the year on 2020 posts, and start 2021 with a matching post total. 

With that being the headline, let's move onto my 2021 Hobby goals. Again very short list.

1) Take the rest of completed set build binders back home to Florida. Take those boxes of PC guys back too. This will be a no brainer EASY A. 

2) To knock out the many, many set builds that are missing between 1-3 cards in the binders. There are a few pricey cards in that mix, but should be doable. I also want to get them back home too.

3) Add at least 1 T206 card to the main collection, but also get the rest of the Braves that I need for the team set. Turns out I need 4 more Braves. I thought I only needed 3. But I don't see Bowerman either.

4) By years end (2021) start up the 3 "Franken-Sets" that I have been hoarding cards for 7 years.

     By start I mean get them actually into some sort of organization, and in binders where as I can actually start posting pages. sounds easy, but it isn't, hence why the goal is by year's end.

5) As in the last few years.....stay away from retail current year blasters. Should be another EASY A. I am still on the lerch for 2020 Topps Walmart Holiday Mega boxes, and YES I will be buying every damn one I see if I see any. I was fortunate to witness TONS of just about everything else this year sitting on the shelves. I walked away from 99.9% of those. My fingers are crossed (not really) on finding some.

That is pretty much it.

Have a great New Year!  



  1. So that's why you've been posting so much :)

    1. I had too because I sloughed off with only 13 posts in Oct, 10 in Nov and that Dec, was looking that way so I figured why not do it, 2adays wound up with 25 post for December.

  2. Happy New Years Johnny! What are the subjects for your 3 Frankensets?