Friday, December 25, 2020

Cards inside other cards.

 Not the RIP cards. Uh uh, no every year the OCT (Old Card Traders) trading card group that I belong to the members usually send out actual Christmas cards with baseball cards inside them. This year is no different.

Most of the cards this year contained what they refer to as UV (un-vintage) for which I already had copies of the majority. There were two that contained needed vintage though (so far).

This came in the first Christmas card this year. #764 a high number 72 needed for my Braves team sets. 

The 2nd one came yesterday from the leader of the group. I believe that it was intended to upgrade my copy for the team set (VG), but I am throwing it in the actual 58' set build. 


  1. I'd see UV on those sites and thought it meant ultraviolet, like there was UV coating on modern cards? Un-Vintage makes a lot more sense. Got the card you put in a card, and all the others. Thanks!

  2. Both of these cards are awesome. Never heard of Sawatski, but it's a great looking card. And who doesn't enjoy getting a high # 72 card of a star.

  3. Those are pretty nice Christmas cards! What's the definition of Un-Vintage?