Saturday, December 26, 2020

This way OR That way??????

 This past week I have posted a lot. I guess trying to make up for not posting so much that last two months. I hinted about doing that last month and that I would explain that in a later post. This post will be part of that explanation. I also mentioned in one of the posts from this week, I believe the "How'd I do" post?"......about me stopping the scanning of the completed sets. They are related. A combination if you will. 

I worked my butt off from January well....the whole year working on getting my cards from boxes into binders. I really didn't think I was going to get done what I did. After all, I was only planning on consolidating the cards from the smaller boxes into 5K boxes by "brand", and that was going to be challenging. For some reason I decided why not just handle them once and put them in binders. I am glad I did. I can NOT say by November that I was burnt out. No, just tired, aching, and hurting. Yes, those are some of the contributions that led to a damn near stoppage of the blog. 

You see 2 months ago I made up my mind that I was DONE. You heard me......DONE with collecting. I started contemplating how I would be selling off EVERYTHING. The ways which I could do it whether a Sothby's style auction or myself through individual sales online, or card shows and the like. 

You see, I know that there is no way my children can take that task on (not that they would want too either) should something happen to me. I know that they would totally get screwed over. As a father I can not do that to them. This is a dilemma that not only pertains to me, but to many of us.

This is a real thing. At some point it becomes an issue. It was not the only issue that put my mind on this path though. Accepting the fact that our Democracy is OVER, it is so full of SHIT, by this I mean corruption, fraud, waste, and abuse etc (FWA is a real thing, I have to certify in it every year and just did so this week).... No, this ain't going all political on you. I've known my entire life about how corrupt Washington DC was. Admit it, every American knows it. Probably the entire world. I just no longer believe it can be fixed, which means for me it's over DONE. Half the country feels that way or something of the like. Still yet, not the only issues for me to make the severe, immediate, abrupt decision to walk away from baseball cards.

I guess I should let you know now, this instance, this moment, RFN that I am NOT walking away from my collection. See even you didn't know where I was going with this post....could be this way or that way, haha  you still don't. In fact, there is more to this story, and it too has me in a dilemma. Tis tis.. you'll have to come back tomorrow for this rest of the story (ref: Paul Harvey).

Good night all.


  1. Glad you are at least giving us updates on if you are collecting or not. Some bloggers just drop off of the face of the earth and you wonder if they still collect or if they are ok or what.
    I hope you are able to find a way to still collect and be able for your loved ones to easily sell off/distribute your collection. I’m sure the topic is in the back of most collectors minds.

    1. you'll need to see tomorrow's post (one of them anyway)

  2. Well, I know pain, and I am sorry you are in so much. Life is pretty hard, especially lately. I keep reminding myself that many generations before ours have felt the same way. Not saying you are wrong, but it can help me get through things when it looks like there is no way out.

  3. Sorry you are feeling this way; I hope the feeling passes. I hope you are still able to get enjoyment out of your collection.

  4. This topic is a conversation I've had with a few buddies within the hobby. In addition to cards, I have stuff like SLU's, skateboards, and Legos that I'm sure none of my family will want to deal with when I die. I look forward to reading Pt. 2 on this topic.