Thursday, December 17, 2020

A delayed trade post......VERY DELAYED

 Just like the title says.....delayed trade post.

Oh about 6/7 months ago (June 6th) Brian from Collecting Cutch and I agreed to swap some Honus Bonus cards. I was to send him the 1/1 Cutch and he was going to send me two Freeman 1/1's. I was all in on that. Thing is the Freeman's never showed up.......That is until today DEC. 17th, 2020.

No, this was not Brian's fault, apparently the post office was taking their time.

Check that date out. June 20.  Someone wrote in ink pen down below instructions to deliver to the right address. Go figure.

Talk about being surprised. Even more so once I ripped into the bubble mailer.

Sure enough, there are my Freeman's. But wait.....there was more inside.

Gold box loader numbered to 10 Smoltz,

and yet there was more

A pair of Cutch cards. 

Brian thank you very much, BTW....I got them. LOL.

On a side note....I want to thank Bo and Jeremy for sending along some of those set build needs I posted last month.


  1. Wow. So glad two 1 of 1's didn't get lost in the mail. Better late than never. But huge props to you for being patient. And props to Brian for hooking you up with some nice bonuses.

  2. June 20th, that's basically an archaeological find. Or like it had to sail around the Cape or something before we built the canal.