Saturday, December 26, 2020

Holiday cards????

 Got these three cards in today's (tonight's) mail. (delivered around 7pm).

As you can tell, I am buying cards. I scooped up these 3 SP Holiday variations last week. Got them on the cheap too.

Hard to read that.

Posey was .50

Senzel was a buck

Molina was .75

I still need a bunch of these. I want all of the variations. I should have scanned the batch of 2019's I have here in GA for Christmas.


  1. The Posy is really cool. Did Topps do these in 2020?

  2. I might have a couple to send your way if you don't already have them.

    Yup, they did these for 2020 as well but it's not like anyone can find them.

    1. bring them on. I haven't seen the 2020 ones yet either.

  3. Love these! 2019 Topps Holiday is my favorite Topps holiday product. The Posey and Senzel stand out... but I probably would have completely passed up the Molina since there's no way I can read the codes on the back of those cards.