Thursday, December 24, 2020

How'd I do?

 Well, the end of the year is close enough for me to do my year end posts.

I'll start with the hobby goals for 2020.

1) Stay away from retail blasters. I give myself an A, not A+ as I did buy some of 1 product.

2) Add at least 1 T206 card. A+. I blew this one out of the park. Take a look see.

BTW, the adds were Braves.

Let's look at those Braves. The topps two cards in the scans above are not in the below scan.

Braves haves 9 of 12. I still need Beaumont, Ferguson, and Starr. I did have opportunities to get those, but I passed several chances.

I might as well show off the rest (non Braves) of the T206 White Border Collection.

Definitely A+

3) Update/organize my "mini collections". I am going to fail myself here for a couple of reasons.

I did manage to get "gathered" most of them and taken back home. They will still require a LOT more work. I did however lose at least one. My "Same Name" is now a defunct cause. The cards that were here in GA have been dumped into the dupes boxes with the exception of the fantastic "customs" by Gavin over at BCB. Those are sitting here on my desk.  There are a LOT of those. Thanks again Gavin for all the work you did.

4) This one was HUGE. To straighten up all of my set builds that were in single boxes by set sitting on my bedroom floor back home. Here is the origin goal:

#4) Another big one. Straighten up the hundreds of set build boxes that are sitting in my bedroom back home in Ocala. Maybe consolidate them by brands and put into larger monster boxes to reduce the clutter (until I get them put into binders). Also this is similar, but get the Braves keepers that are also in my bedroom either put into binders or at least into larger boxes. In other words I need to "CLEAN MY BEDROOM".

HUGE success! A+ without a doubt. I managed to get all of the "set build" boxes not only picked up, but placed into binders. HUGE deal. Expensive indeed, but I took the money that I was not spending on blasters and card shows and put toward the supplies needed. I am happy to say that only a handful of brands (odd/off-brand) are yet to be put into about 4 binders. I even managed to scan many of the completed sets. Those are on my others BLOGS, dedicated by Product. Topps, Stadium Club, Upper Deck, Donruss, Fleer, Score, Pinnacle, etc. I was kicking butt on getting those scanned to those blogs from Jan. through October. I gave up on the task for now,  for November and December. I really want to get all of the completed binders back home (FL) and ultimately (when I am back home permanently) placed on bookshelves. This really was a Big Deal. I am quite proud for getting it dang near completed task.  I did not however, get to those Braves keeper boxes in my bedroom. That will have to be task for when I am actually living back home.

5) Last goal was to shed some of those cards back home sitting in the monster boxes in my garage, aka my dupes. Several hundred thousand cards are sitting in those boxes.  Here is that "original" goal post:

#5) Shed some cards from the dupe boxes sitting in my garage back home. Should be easy to give away cards, right?  The biggest issue here.....Shipping. There is probably somewhere around a half million cards in monster boxes out in the garage. I'd like to get it down to hardly any. I know that isn't going to happen, but an attempt is a win here.

I did manage to give away a lot of cards this year. I gave away a lot. Contest and games galore. But I never touched the cards back home, as I had and still have at least a 100,000 dupes here. I will give myself a pass on this one, but it is not what I was hoping at least 1 year ago. I did say that an attempt would be a win. I am actually glad that I didn't shed a half million cards, and I will explain that in a future post.

So there you have my "How'd I do post". 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.


  1. Looks like you did pretty well on those goals. Those T206 cards are awesome! And I know I received a ton of cards from you in 2020. I'll never be able to match you card for card... but you know you're my Braves guy. I have a stack I'm building from you and I'll look through the 1993 box I just ripped for those cards you requested.

    Merry Christmas Johnny!