Thursday, December 24, 2020


 Have you ever heard the phrase it's all in the numbers? I certainly have. In fact every year I post a particular set of numbers.......Braves cards released in the current year, and compare the overall totals with the previous few years.

Here are the totals for the following years (give or take for those not listed with the team name):

2015: 6,145 

2016: 6,628

2017: 8,608

2018: 11,072

2019: 13,304

DRUM ROLL.........

2020: 10,925 WITH 10,559 for Atlanta, 327 for Milwaukee, and 39 for Boston.

From those numbers......

Topps: 8,259

Panini: 2,656

Onyx: 10

Autos: 3,148 (1,611 on card)

Relics: 2,259

Parallel's: 8,931

Inserts: 1,386 (this does not include parallel inserts-those are above)

of the 10,925 Braves cards released for 2020 (so far anyways) ONLY 608 ARE base cards.

I did well getting my Braves base cards this year, even a few of the high end sets, but no where near getting them all.  Feel free to notice any that I have missed on that want page  

2020 Braves needs

See ya later


  1. Those are some crazy numbers. Crazy! Sometimes I wish I was a team collector, but not when I read things like this!

  2. 327 Milwaukee Braves cards in 2020. How many were made in the whole time they were in Milwaukee? I'm sure never 327 in a year, maybe not half that.

  3. That's insane. At least it's on the decline.