Thursday, December 24, 2020

More details

 Well, not exactly details, at least not so much as the overwhelming pics. I've posted a lot of things today, a lot. One of those posts were about my hobby goals for 2020.

Goal #4 was about "cleaning up" the boxes on my bedroom floor back home. This is where the details come in.

These two stacks are bindered complete sets. They are ready to go back to Florida to join the equally sized amount I already took home that I scanned in already. 3/4 of these binders were not scanned for the new blogs. I will get to them at some point in the year or years to come (probably the latter).

This scan is the "dupes", well some of the dupes I have here in GA. You can throw in apx 25 boxed complete or near complete sets in another room.  The cards in the tray above are mini collection cards.

Here we have another stack the same size as the first ones. These however, are not complete sets. In fact they need many cards.

These binders are almost a card or three short of being complete.

This scan is more binders of not complete sets (need many cards). The boxes you see are all cards of PC guys that need to go home to "ONE DAY" be put into their respective binders. Apx 30,000 cards.

Two parts here. The sorting tray on top are cards set aside for you fellow bloggers and you can only see half of the tray. The box at the bottom with the cards on top the cards you see are autos and relics of football and basketball which I do not collect. The cards in the box are for a future project and it is full. Oh look, a dupicate set of 89' Bowman sealed.

Three parts here.

The cards on the tiny desk or whatever you call it are card sets that still need to be put into binders.

The cards sitting on top of the (3) 1500 count boxes are PC guys to be sorted as are the 1500 count boxes.

The rest of the boxes are my vintage dupes.

I know that this looks like a mess, and it may be. But this is completely organized compared to the little ass boxes they used to be in back home, scattered everywhere.  I will be so so happy once they are back home laying on a bookshelf with the label out all neat and everything. Completed too! Oh yeah there are still 24 binders of cards sitting in another room that are not complete, mainly vintage stuff from Topps with some Upper Deck.

That is details and nothing but the details.


  1. Holy cow, that is a lot of cards for sure! Looks so much fun sorting and going through them.

  2. WOW. Can't let the wife see these photos lest she put a stop to my cardbuying jus out of fear that this is her future. Looks like fun to sort through to me though

  3. Holy crap. I feel sorry for the cards in the binders on the bottom.

  4. Dang! The sheer amount of cards is impressive. This makes me want to retire even more than I already did. Perhaps in 20 years or so. I would love to tackle sorting this many cards.

  5. Oh man... that's a lot of cards. It'd be a blast hanging out with you one day and flipping through all of those sets. Good thing you don't live in California. We had a quake last week that would have sent those binders all over the place.

    1. I knocked a stack over a couple weeks back.

    2. It would take more than a day. All in all, their are close to 2000 binders. LOL