Saturday, April 11, 2020

Out of the ordinary.

These are not your everyday family photos. A year or two or maybe three years ago I posted this pennant.

Probably should have rotated it. Anyways, my uncle picked this up while he was stationed in Bermuda. He was there for 29 months during WWII. I'm not exactly sure what year this was. There is one of these pennants for sale on Ebay ($140.00), claiming it is WWII which coincides with a 1945 timeline. But Truman didn't become President until April that year after FDR died (Lily Bowls were played in January and there was no game in 46'). Which makes me wonder. If Truman was President, when is this. No Lily Bowl in 1946. 1947 was Air Force vs. Navy.

My uncle had always told me he was there at this game and took a bunch of pictures. This past week I was cleaning out one of the closets here, and stumbled upon several boxes of old photos.

Pretty sure that is President Truman, which would make it not possible to be 1945. But it is possible that is was 1945, as the Vice-President too. I tried to research but couldn't find specific details. I only have my uncle's memories, which he said He was the President who came down in the Presidential yacht (which he hung out with the Secret Service guys). The secret service men when "off duty" stayed in my uncle's barracks. He has a story or two for those days. Either way I can not pinpoint this game. My uncle came back to the States when the war ended in 1945.

Like I said these aren't your everyday family photos.


  1. Now that's a neat piece of history!

  2. Thanks for sharing. These are fantastic photos, your uncle had a good eye. I found a couple of articles online about Truman's surprise visit to Bermuda in 1946 but they did not say if he had been there before he was President.

    1. I was leaning on 46', but there most certainly was NOT a Lily Bowl that year and my Uncle was in North Carolina then. See it is crazy trying to figure it out. Truman became POTUS in 1945 after FDR died in April game played in JAN, and then he was elected in 1946. Drives me nuts not being able to get the exact date.

  3. what a fun find! History in your hands!

  4. Very cool. Definitely not your ordinary family photos.

  5. I absolutely love posts like this! Thanks for sharing some of your uncle's history with everyone.

  6. These are great pics, thanks for sharing! I hope you're able to track down specifics one of these days.