Sunday, April 12, 2020

Oh My Goodness. How dare I?

I forgot to make a very important post last week. A post that is an annual tradition here at the trading spot. So 5 days late now I will now show my TRIBUTE to the MAN! HENRY AARON.

APRIL 8TH. Shame on me for letting this slip by.

These pictures are a constant in my scan files. I am a little ashamed that I let April 8th slide right by me, not remembering it all until the newest caregiver (I hired her on Saturday), mentioned it on Easter Sunday. She obviously could tell I like baseball cards, they are all over the place here. She was asking if I had certain players. About 3 guys in she mentioned Aaron (called him Frank Aaron), I laughed kindly corrected her. She and her Dad had been in Atlanta visiting family and they were at that game. Wow.

Now onto more about the new hire:

The last girl was a complete idiot, pretty sure I posted about it last week. This time I placed an old fashion ad in the newspaper. Print. (see how I tied all of this into the newspaper baseball stuff above). No Facebook ads anymore. I told my uncle that although those nurses and other healthcare providers are absolute HEROES, I know that some have serious underlying health issues, and just should not be in that environment for their own health. I figured with the unemployment as it is, we might just "get lucky" finding a nurse that would love to be working. Well, this new girl (she's in her 60's), has been out of the game for 8 years because she had cancer twice, she was a RN for 33 years, she was broke surviving on ONLY social security (it is not supposed to be the only source of income), so she desperately wanted to work, she had been doing home healthcare but both of her last two patients were close to the end, and she hasn't worked since late last year. Money was a big issue (rather the lack of it enough of it), extremely tight got her down to just a few bucks in her pocket. She was out walking her granddaughter's dog on Friday night when a neighbor was outside, so they spoke. She told her neighbor she wished that she could find another caregiver job. And her neighbor told her that there was 2 listings in the paper. She gave her the paper, and she called me right away.

Two days into the hire and this one seems like it just might work out, fingers crossed and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray she has no hidden issues.


  1. Oh John, I do hope this works out for you. Best of luck!

  2. She sounds a lot better than the one from your other post. Best of luck!

    1. Definitely better at the work, for sure retired RN 33 years. I suspect (after all I've been through-who wouldn't) that something is going to jump out of the woodwork, like a boozer or something.

  3. I think that one of the unfortunate side effects of no baseball is that historical milestones like this are getting missed. Even 5 days late, it's still a pleasure to remember this legendary feat!