Thursday, April 16, 2020

More 2020 Braves and BFG news

Well the quarantine on my newest Braves is over and ready for a public appearance.

First up:

The complete team set of Opening Day. Not very interesting as we have seen most of these images already with series 1 and the factory team set.

Next we have Qypsy Queen:

I still need two for the team #238 Albies and #311 Chipper. I have the Albies in my cart along with

A Freeman Tarot. I was able to grab a couple of Acuna inserts with the team cards.

Reminder tomorrow 6-8 pm: BFG starts. Bo has already made his pick so DK you will be next immediately.  Also still need 2 more players for next week.
Hello Julie, Jon, Jeremy, or any other follower that hasn't played in April.


  1. Can't help you with GQ... but I do have some Opening Day coming in as part of this Topps monthly subscription thing I signed up for. I'll be sending you any of the Braves I can't use. I'll also be sending you some Braves from my mystery bags in a PWE within the next few weeks.

    1. I'm good on the Opening Day base cards, and I have a few of the blue parallels, no reds though or inserts. What is the monthly subscription thing?

    2. For $25, you get a box of cards, a 5 card set, and a collectible gift (which is a topps patch, not a patch card, but an actual patch). April's box is Opening Day. May's box is suppose to be Big League and June is Series 2. Figure if I'm gonna be on lockdown and I'm not buying much of anything... I might as well join this subscription club. If you're interested, here's the site: