Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Fool's Day

Don't fall for any pranks today......

Full-size item image

Have you seen this card today? I hear it is missing from everyone's collection.

Now for the normal 4/1 post.
Here are the folks in my birthday binders. Phil above will appear again (not the same card though), after all he is a Brave.


  1. Happy birthday Phil Niekro (and all those other guys too!)

  2. I'm seeing the opposite. Looks like everybody has that card. :)

  3. Did you happen to watch Phil's final start? Was it televised on TBS?

  4. Mark Jackson / Menendez Bros. - hope you had that one before all the hype

    1. Yes, I must of had a hundred of them. Get this.....I didn't even notice it when I pulled the card for the April Fool's Day birthday binder.

  5. We should have each listed the Niekro on eBay and bid each others auctions up... and turned this 88S card into the next 90F Jose Uribe.

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