Monday, April 27, 2020


Out of quarantine (the cards that is).

Here are 3 needs, the coin came from OCTer Bob D., the green Syndy came from Rod's free daoily giveaways, and the Conley (cream back) came from OCTer Peter Neuser.

I lost my note on these 3, but I think they came from Brian (HSCA), not 100%. My mind is getting older. Definitely came from a blogger though.

AJ (TLC) sent along these 3 needs. The Hanley was a pick on his free cards and the other two were needs I pulled from the extras AJ sent.

These 2 needs came courtesy of stack sent by Nachos Chris.

Thanks guys, I appreciate them!


  1. Great variety here. That Folty is the first time I've seen that insert set from Fire.

  2. That Spahn is really cool. I've always felt that the 1951 Topps cards were underrated.

  3. It's funny to see baby-ish Chipper on new cardboard.

  4. The mystery mail day is me. I was hitting you back for your last one :)

    1. Yes, now I remember, I hate it when I lose my sticky notes. LOL.