Friday, September 6, 2019

Sports Card Collectors contest post

Straight up, down with the rules. My favorite post(s) of yours this year was the Wes Wing posts. I'll stick with #6, as it is all over the place, as any package coming from Wes is. Episode 6: The Wes Wing

Over the years, I have received several blasts from Wes, and the Episode 6 post above reminds me of each and everyone. That is why I have chosen it. It reminds me of a package I got from Wes in particular. Wes haul original post

It took so many posts to get the package from Wes covered much like the 6 + episodes mentioned above. My link above shows the my first post of that haul. It is all over the place, but specifically autos and relics. It is worth the read back as that post was from early 2017.

Thanks for the contest  Cardboard Contest

Folks, I am heading to Florida for a few days, I'll try to post, but if I miss I'm okay, just visiting my daughters.