Friday, February 17, 2017

Relics and Autos

Awhile back Wes from JBF started to clean out his collection. Wes stated that he was even going to put some Braves up on the Bay. I jumped on them. ALL OF THEM. Well, my box showed up the other day and much in the fashion of a few I've sent out (medium flat rate box with 6 small flat rate boxes inside). I've sorted them by Brand and also separated the inserts/relics/autos. Because there are a couple thousand cards to go through I decided to just put out the ones I needed for the Braves team sets. I did make one exception, the autos and relics.

Not really a relic, but I classify these as such. Not to mention the weight and thickness.

There is a Chipper relic numbered to just 10!

Again, not a relic but......

Same thing with this one, it's just so thick.

The Mad Hungarian.

My cropping was just a little outside.

Not a relic, but you know.

Not your normal grey swatch.

The rest I still need to check against my lists, but will be forthcoming.  Thank you Wes!

Have a great weekend.


  1. Lots of nice stuff, but I am loving that Five Star Murphy auto!

  2. Wow. Great stuff. As a Five Star fan, I'm with Daniel... that Murphy auto is awesome! But that Sweet Spot Mad Hungarian is just as cool.