Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Born in the 80's was he

I honestly can't say that I have 1 favorite player that was born in the 80's. But, I can say that one in particular is fresh in mind. One reason would be he just threw another No No this weekend, and secondly would be I just finished updating my PC of him. Collecting Cutch is on a contest fest. This post is for an entry into that. He is on a run for Saving 2nd Base, or at least gearing up for one heck of an October.  Anywats, I had recently threw a few cards in the dupe box. Here those few are.

Born in 1983.

A black back/numbered heritage card.

And just so happens that I had a pink (cardback) of Justin sitting right on my desk.

Thanks Cutch!


  1. Verlander is a great choice for CC's contest. I've thought about using him or two of his former teammates: Miggy and Scherzer. Haven't made a final decision yet.

  2. Huge fan of JV. Awesome post and thanks for sharing.