Thursday, September 5, 2019

I got a GIFT

Not a birthday gift (still 11 days away for that). No, it was a gift from Sportscards,com. They sent me an e-mail awhile back saying they would send me a free box of their stuff as a gift just for checking them out (without purchase). So I registered with name and mailing address. Then I forgot all about it. That is until the other day when the box showed up in my mailbox. The box is like a cigar box, and inside the box were these items:

This is a pamphlet that was on top on the contents. Interesting little read.

This also came inside atop the "cards".

A very sweet 1976 Tom Seaver. It came encased in one of those magnetic card holders.

All of the cards did.  I'm pretty sure I only listed baseball as what I collect, but hey it is a relic and it's not from the NFL, so I'll keep it after all it was free.

This pack was also inside the box (I threw the cards in the trash.) Of course I made sure there was no hidden Tom Brady autograph, lol.

And here was the highlight card. Autographed HOFer, SWEET! And yes I have broken him out of his prison.

Anyways, all they asked for the free box was I mention on my blog where I got it. I'm sure many of you got the offer too.

In case you were being hesitant, If only the last card came, it was a GIFT, you can't be free and plugging their site doesn't hurt a fly. Thank you


  1. Buck Leonard autograph for free? Not bad at all!

  2. You will see a very similar box on my blog tomorrow morning!

    1. My post will be published the day after Nachos Grande ;)

  3. Not a bad offer! A free Buck Leonard auto is pretty darn impressive, it'll be interesting to see what some of the other folks in the comments section here got as well.

  4. Very cool freebie. It's not everyday you get a signed card of a HOF-er!