Monday, September 23, 2019


Finally able to clear out most of those backlogged scan folders, and will be finally able to start posting some of the stuff I got from The Villages card show back home from earlier this month. (The first Saturday of the month). I went to a show in Tampa last Saturday too. I do have several posts to clear out first, but I see the daylight.  Like these relic cards. (so many I'll have to make 3 posts).

I grabbed a whole box of relic cards from a Jacksonville show back in the start of the year.

Oh, yeah......autographs too.

Okay, first cut off point.  2 more of these posts.


  1. Great haul! That El Duque auto is so, so awesome.

  2. Damn. Someone pissed Steady Eddie off. And I feel weird typing this... but that Tebow baseball card is really, really cool.

    1. Why would you feel weird, it's an awesome card! And I didn't even that Tebow had any of these kind of cards out there.