Friday, September 20, 2019

The other "set" I picked up

I picked this set up on Ebay (from Fritsch cards).

Fritsch originally put this set out back in 1986. 

I scanned the backs so you can read a tidbit about the player.

2 Jackie Robinson card #11, but 1 is a sample.

There are a lot of stars in here for sure. So from here until the end of the post....I'll just let you read the card write ups.

This is the half way point. I will stop here and finish up this set on Monday.


  1. I remember when these were first advertised in Fritsch's catalogs. There were so few new non-Topps/Fleer/Donruss cards at the time, they seemed so cool.

  2. It's probably silly, but I really like that sample card! Now I'm gonna have to go see how much said card sells for.

  3. I've seen singles from this set here and there over the years. Thanks for taking the time to scan all of these cards. Maybe I'll grab a set myself... or at least the two Jackie Robinsons.

  4. Great set! I have been checking out the Fritsch eBay store frequently lately, they have a lot of sets (reprints, oddball, etc.) that I don't see at card shops or shows.