Friday, September 27, 2019

Last one

Alright, we made it to the last the older scans and the last of the relic/auto cards. Yippee! Pretty sure this scan is all autographs. No one  I'll be able to start showing the Villages card  show stuff on Monday.

You can hardly read Roy Face's auto, but it is there. Most of these guys you got to really pull hard on your memory to even recall them. Some not even a chance.

The Sam McDowell card I know I got signed down at the Villages card show back in January or March. He was a guest signer.

As you can tell, a whole bunch of Florida teams, especially minor leaguer's. But, a few of these guys got their cup of coffee.

How about Mr. Loney there, and his two sidekicks.....Fick and Juan.

Another Loney.

A young Bubba.

Now Candace came in a package deal I made at a Jacksonville show, and I've shown her before. Just wanted to square the scan. Pretty sure I showed the Fernando auto when I got it way back then too.

Either way. The relic/auto scan file is deleted or at least will be by the time you are reading this.

Have a great weekend. This Nation's biggest high school football rivalry is tonight here in Valdosta. The do call this place Winnersville when it comes to FB. Winnersville Classic is what they call this game. It is the 58th year between two. Even ESPN covers the game from time to time. Both schools Lowndes County and Valdosta High are undefeated (5-0). In all fairness one school is class 6A (Valdosta) and the other is 7A. Valdosta is up 37-20 in wins, but Lowndes has take the last two years.


  1. That's a ton of autos. Make sure you take the Todd Van Poppel with you to 1991 when time travel is a thing.

  2. This is quite the autograph haul. If you're planning on trading any of this stuff, you should reach out to Padrographs. I bet he could use a bunch of these for the autograph Frankenset he's building.