Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Relics part 2

Trying to get these back logged scans done. This one and just 1 more.

That Healy is a nice card. Yellow swatch, green swatch, serial numbered and an autograph.

A whole bunch of those Future Gems cards in the lot, not just this scan.

That must be the hundredth card of Ishii I've wound up with. Pretty sure I've sent one to all you Dodger fans by now. At least it seems that way.

Nice Willie Nelson relic.

Okay got a gray swatch, and one with 2 blue stripes with Russell, but those solid white.....just plain old ugly.

Now why couldn't those two cards be Tatis and Guerrero, (Jr's) lol.

Obviously, we are in autograph territory. Nice DJ too.

The Gallery cards are alright.

Made it to another cut off. One last relic/auto post and then we can show off some SHOW STUFF!

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