Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wacky Wednesday

First, some housekeeping.....

If you were 1 of the first 10 commenter's on my blogaversary post please make sure I have your correct/current addresses.  Thanks.

Another week has past. Time to spotlight three more cards that I find interesting for one reason or another.  all 3 will come from none other than Stadium Club!

What concentration. Now, did he keep afoot or hit the ground? I don't know but I believe he hit the dirt.

I see popcorn, but what is that brown stuff coming out of whatever that is holding the future spillage? So two posed questions there.

I think the card itself is great. I just like individual player cards to be of the player named, unless of course it is an action shot or similar where a "cameo" could lurk.

Have a wonderful hump day evening.


  1. You've got my address - thanks! I *think* the brown is part of the popcorn bag

  2. I love that Porcello card - it makes me miss how much fun Hanley could be!

  3. A. He hit the ground.
    B. No idea, but brown isn't good.
    C. Surprised that Topps doesn't make variation cards of these multiple player cards. In other words... one photo for four different cards. It'd save them money. By the way... I would be so annoyed if they did this. But I'm surprised they aren't already doing it.