Thursday, August 15, 2019


After busting and showing the 9 boxes of last year's Chronicles which did include the serial numbered and parallel cards the first go around, we can now concentrate on them by themselves.

Here they are without any idea of what box they came from unless you go back and look at the previous posts.

Again, Panini did a pretty good job of making some cards without the logo. 3 of these 6 aren't affected whatsoever. Look darn good.

Other than Ryan's Select card these are pretty sweet, and NO WAY would a NY on that Judge improve the card.   Great batch here for sure.

The biggest pull of the whole lot was obviously the numbered 4/10 Ohtani there at the bottom.

And as a bonus (more so to show off how anal I am). Look at the Prizms.  Starting at the bottom lined up side by side perfectly until you get to the tip top.what's up with that?


  1. That Ohtani is definitely your money maker... but I personally think that Torres Crusade is the best looking card from the bunch. What a gorgeous looking set.