Monday, August 26, 2019

A Monday "mini" post.

Five or six years ago I used to post something from my many mini collections on Mondays. That trend/theme had to cease due to the fact the I am separated from those binders.

However, I do occasionally run across a few, and they just sit here waiting to get enough to put them into a 200 count box an d take home. Well, I have gathered enough to box up and drop off in Ocala on my next trip. I did decide to scan a few though before I sent them to obligatory.


There's no doubt I could scrounge up a Nolan Ryan "No Hitter" card here in Valdosta. But, I know I've shown those a few times back in the day. 

Arrieta is a PC guy of mine too. Topps has gone so far in recent years to put out there own sub/insert sets for this category. It's okay.........

I liked in better when the "tribute" to the no-no came as a standard card. Seriously, how great is this card. You don't even have to be a Braves fan to like this card (although, that helps).

Card #787. Heck, if I check this might even be in my Braves Frankenset. None of these guys are PC guys, other than they are Braves. 

Conlon (Mega Cards) Collection did much they same thing.  That is by including them into the base set. I like that. The following cards are all from Conlon. All PC guys too.

That wraps up this Monday's post. Have a great week. Meanwhile, I will be throwing these cards into a box to pack away until I one day can add them to the No Hitter binder (I probably already have them in there).


  1. Not sure if you've dove into the Topps Now craze... but gotta imagine they've produced a few new No Hitter cards to collect.

    1. I've made just 1 Topps Now purchase. Backin 2016 the first Ohtani cards. I actually don't chase any cards of my "mini" collections. I just pull them when I get them in bulk deals. You'd be surprised how many you wind up with.