Saturday, August 3, 2019

Shadow Shots

Three up three down. Three more vintage cards to yell about.  Oh yeah,  Good Morning.....

I really have no clue of what is in this shadow. You'll just have to take a crack at this one for yourselves.

I'd just say that the "artist" could have done a little something "more".

Okay, I see a wolf.

Have a great weekend folks.


  1. Satriano - a prawn/shrimp?

    Pierce - not to make anyone look in particular spot, but the shadow on his belt reminds me of Marge Simpson's hair.

    McCormick - Wolf is a good call.

  2. I've got nothing. As a self-proclaimed shadow examining expert... I feel like the shadow should speak to me in 5 seconds or less. I stared at each of these shadows for a least 10 seconds each... and came up with nothing.