Friday, August 16, 2019

The King

No, not Babe Ruth, or Hank Aaron. Talking about the King of Rock n Roll. I have quite a few Elvis Presley cards back home, but I only had a few here to scan for today.

Three good choices I think. The first one is a shot of a very young Elvis. I was not quite 12 when Elvis died back in 78'. You see my birthday isn't until September 16th. But, I remember August 16, 1978 very well. My mom was in tears. Elvis had that affect on the female persuasion back then. Lots of ladies were distraught.

The last card has the song title "Suspicious Minds" which is what a lot of people developed after Elvis died.  Some people thought he wasn't really dead, and was living out his life in secret. Oh those suspicious minds.

Anyway, just a little memorial tribute to the king. If I had some cards worthy of a Woodstock post I'd done those this weekend too.

Have a safe and great weekend folks.


  1. Have any of the vintage Elvis cards from the 50s? I almost picked up a lot of them at an auction a few months back but didn't pull the trigger.

    I recently traveled to Tennessee for a work trip and had a chance to visit Graceland, pretty cool tour. There is a museum across the street from his house that showcases his car collection, a wall of all his gold records and some of his iconic suit. Definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Memphis.

    1. If I do, it would only be 1 or 2. I think I have a few from the 60's and the sets from 78'

  2. Oh man... I completely forgot about the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock. I saw a People or Life Magazine special at the grocery store last week and was gonna write up something. Oops. Oh well.

  3. I really didn't appreciate Elvis until some years after his death, maybe 15 or 20 years ago. And I'm not sure what brought me around but I have him in regular rotation nowadays. Hard to believe it's been four decades since he died.

  4. I've got a couple of serial-numbered Elvis cards from a 2008 Press Pass set just sitting around. If you're interested, let me know!