Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Hmm. WoW.

I've seen boo boo's (unintentional) on cards before, we all have. I don't count the "intentional error" cards as real errors (FAKE errors). Usually it (the REAL) error is a word or stat that is off. Of course there are the "big goofs" too.

This card front is just fantastic. the blue border of 2003 Topps suits the Braves wonderfully. Throw in my all time favorite Braves uniform (my brother hates it), with centering and a nice action shot. FANTASTIC CARD! Julio Franco is a guy I've always liked and rooted for, and is a PC guy of mine.

Here is the card back. Full career stats, well except for the grand totals. Screwed up acrossed the board. Check out that bottom line.  Where in Hades did they get those numbers from? Go figure it's not listed as an error either. But it is......... Hmm.

Now, if anyone wants to trade for those great looking FB relic cards 1 or all (check last Tuesday's post) Hit me up, just looking for some baseball in return.

See ya!


  1. Good eye. Never would have caught that.

  2. I saw Julio Franco play in the minors, I think it was before his last great comeback with the Mets. It wouldn't surprise me if he could still hit the ball hard today.