Wednesday, August 28, 2019

2019 Archives Pack Wars

A trader buddy sent me some coupons (6) for Topps baseball cards. 1 was for $3.00 off a factory set and the other 5 were for fat/hanger packs. I cashed in on  of them. 2 Archives fat packs and 1 Chrome hanger. I'll show the Archives tonight. Compare packs vs pack

Each pack came with two inserts. Here I got a 75' mini, and the standard insert Topps Magazine. I would obviously rather had pulled Braves there.

On to the cards: 58's first.

5 of the 6 are PC guys, that works for me. The other is the Biggio RC which is also a keeper.

Now for the 75's.

The 3 bottom cards go into the PC box (for the next PC update). The RC card is a keeper and the lone Boyd is heading to the Owl.


The 93's brought 3 PC guys, 1 that goes into a future possible box.

Okay not a terrible pack, but not that great either for this Braves fan.

Pack 2:

Trout and an on card autograph. Looking good so far. vent..... Topps Fire is $70.00 for a box and they inserted sticker autos in those. At least here with the Archives it is ON CARD!

Now to the 58's.

3 Keepers one of which is Acuna baby! Looking much better now. This Acuna goes to the PC as I got my Braves team set in yesterday and will be highlighting them tomorrow. There is an Acuna variation though. I'll have to check it out.


The 3 on the bottom make the PC as well as the RC leaving another one heading to the OWL.


Fergie and 3 RC's.

The on card autograph and the Acuna are basically carrying all of the weight, the Trout insert might be the push to choose pack 2 over pack 1. You'll have to choose for yourselves.


  1. Congratulations on pulling a Fan Favorite autograph! One of my favorite things to collect year in and year out.