Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Packs vs packs

Time to throw out the hanger pack competition.  I bought seven 12 card packs of 2019 Stadium Club. I opened the first one and took the first 6 cards and put with group A.

Group A:

Inserts and parallels. The Eckersley is serial numbered.

These four cards came in the same pack. Back to back to back to back. Something must have sticking at the factory.

Some great cool cards. That Freeman is great. I can't wait to get back to Valdosta to open my team set. By now I've seen them all (gotten them all except for the Acuna, Spahn, and someone else (for the set build).

More cool cards.

How can you not love that Keuchel?

Group B:

I think I finally figured out what these orange cards are: I think they are Sepia's.

The cool cards.

More worthy cards.

That's a wrap. I will do 1 more TSC post to wrap up the other blasters I bought and be done with it, also highlighting my complete Braves team with the parallels and inserts I've pulled.


  1. Haven't picked any up and don't really buy much unopened stuff anymore, but man these look nice. This is really the only set that tempts me year after year. Great stuff!

  2. First time I've seen the Nolan Ryan. Great uniform. Well cropped. Solid action. Doesn't get much better than that.