Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A Trade Post

This week I pulled a PWE from Bob D (OCT) with the Snider from 2019 Stadium Club. I have a short list of needs. Yesterday, I pulled 10 more PWE's from Bob. Tonight, I'll post the best from each envelope which were marked x/10.


1998 Rookies & Stars SAMPLE. Kerry Wood is a PC guy, so this works.


A Braves card that I didn't know I needed, but I knew that I hadn't seen it before. Love that bent bat.


The third envelope had a pair of these 1993 baseball Card Monthly cut out cards.


This very poorly cut Murphy was the best (or me) in #4.


The 5th had a BCM from 1992.


Another poorly cut 1992 BCM, and......

this poorly cut 1993 BCM.


Collections SAMPLE.   and a really close 2nd place was this Ultra boo boo.

Mark, you will see this one again.


#8 offered up this Teddy ballgame.

#9 offered me nothing, it was all non baseball. Thus, no scan.


The Babe. Ted doesn't look well there.  Most of the cards from the 10 PWE's were from the 1993 Ted Williams set with a good mix of SAMPLES, and BCM cut outs.


  1. 1998 UD Retro is a great set. 90's samples (and promos) are great too.

  2. Too bad many of the BCM cards are cut so sloppy, cuz yeah, those are pretty cool.