Monday, July 22, 2019


More incoming cards from OCT. This time (Saturday) from Tim Morales way across the country in Orange CA.

Tim packed 5 PWE's with these 1994 Pacific Prisms Silver (circular parallel).

Tim sent 33 of 36 cards in the Silver (circular set). The base silver has 36 cards too.

I pulled the Maddux card for my Braves (I needed it there first). I now need just 4 more to complete this set.

One might ask why he sent them in 5 PWE's. It's simple, he saved at least a buck in postage plus he gets 5 trader points. Anyways, if you like SHINY, you should see the cards Tim sent that came in today! I won't post them but they are the 2000 Prism (base set). If you ever wonder where the parallel craze of today started, you might want to check that set out. 15 parallels to the base and very difficult to differentiate. TOUGH. Had to go to for the easy breakdown.


  1. I love shiny prizms... but that's not the best thing about this set. Just look at the fantastic job Pacific did with the photo cropping. All appendages and equipment left intact. I'm in heaven.

  2. These cards are beautiful. Such a great set!

  3. Those are beautiful cards. Such a shame that to send that number of cards one needs five envelopes instead of a simple bubble mailer.