Monday, April 8, 2019

Card Barrel Crazy

My last order from (formerly Just commons) Card Barrel was HEAVY on needed Braves. This go around I focused on Bowman and Upper Deck.

Picked up a lot of needed base cards, and some parallel cards too.

Lots and lots of 90's needs.

Super stars, semi stars, and commons.

I couldn't pass up on the Score Select cards either.

The backs look pretty good too.

Have a great night all. And BTW.... It's going to be  a BOY!


  1. Great news! ... Well, yeah, about those '90s Braves too.

  2. I'd forgotten about a few of these designs like this particular Select. I spy a Lopez missing from my collection. I loved my 90s Braves. I was in my prime collecting years during their HOT streak.