Thursday, January 31, 2019

Something else

Now that I've got the 10 cent Braves out of the way. These next few cost me me just a little bit more.

These aren't Braves, but that is A-Okay when you pay .16 cents each. Bonus....I needed all three too.

All team set needs. These beautiful 1955 Bowman cards cost me $5.00. More on 55 Bowman in later post.

A 1954 Bowman that set me back $1.25.  I'll have more on 54' Bowman too in another post.

A 1959 Topps need.

And for some reason I didn't even have this Braves card on my want/have lists. I no longer need to worry about that because Mr. Smalley Sr. is now in my possession. This one was .16  cents too.

Have a great night folks!


  1. 16¢ for a Dick Williams Post card? Amazing. Nice haul!

  2. I love the photographic angle used on that Hrabosky card!

  3. That Bobby Thomson is really fantastic, it's one of the cards on my to get list.