Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 GOALS

Happy New Year everyone! I hope for each of you that 2019 brings you blessings not only with your collecting but in your lives as well.

My goals for my collection and this blog are going to be even more simpler than 2018.


1) WORK on recording/updating my Player Collections with the cards that was purchased/obtained in 2018. I'm not going to force myself to finish it as I did last year. trying to do 2.5 years worth was extremely time consuming so just going to get done what I can. I did get a lot as you all know so it will probably be as much as last year to get scrubbed and entered. I will not be scanning and showing them on the blog. Big time killer and quite frankly, burned me out a bit.

2) Add to my T206 White Border collection. No numbers, just want to add what I can.

3) Go after as many of the Topps Flagship variation base Braves cards that I need. This includes not only the modern sets that start with 2009, but also knock off some of those pesky vintage variations out there. I will also put a little focus in obtaining those missing Braves vintage needs as well. More challenging than the variations as half of them are Hank Aaron or Spahn, and those nasty 52's which include Eddie Mathews Rookie card, but not holding myself to any particular number. This is really the only true goal listed so far, but should prove to be FUN.

4) Complete my Topps All Star Rookie Cups. This maybe a challenge as the Bench and Rose are going to be toughies. But I WANT this done.

5) Work on my missing Diamond Kings needs and to eliminate some Flagship short sets. Short sets would be those set builds that don't need too many cards to complete. I have a bunch of them, although not super challenging  just finishing off a few will make me very happy.

Goals 3 & 5 are basically 2 parter's, but including them each as just 1 because the only goal is just to do SOMETHING for both parts. 


I have several dont's for my hobby this year, which is probably more challenging than any of my goals listed above.

1) Layoff buying a lot of blasters.  When I get an itch to rip wax, I'd rather buy an older wax box to try to knock off set build needs. This will be hard, but should provide a better use of those all to precious hobby dollars.

2) Layoff buying those monster boxes (unless it is a SUPER SUPER deal). Deals like I used to stumble into each year. 2018 didn't land me anything that just made me feel GOOD inside. This should make the time I spend more efficient and will allow me to eventually get caught up on those Player Collections and miscellaneous Franken Sets that I've been hoarding.

Well it all sounds simple, but LIFE happens and I want to really put excitement back into my hobby which seemed to disappear last year. So no stressing in 2019 for my hobby or in my LIFE. 

I wish you all the BEST for the year ahead. Enjoy your hobby and your life too.


  1. Goodluck with the resolutions/goals

  2. Okay. You and Dime Box Nick have officially convinced me to add the "avoid the retail" goal to my list. That's the only hobby related goal I'm setting for myself in 2019. Happy New Year!