Thursday, January 24, 2019

Did he do that?

Shane of Shoebox Legends fame had won a contest prize from me awhile back. Shane felt the need to reciprocate. That bubble mailer came in today (thanks Shane). He didn't have to do that, but I won't say no to free cards, well most of the time anyways.

Shane included a note that said he'd hope I need 1 or 2. Well Shane, I needed all of these, and.....

this chrome Heritage, and......

this pair of red Classic Braves favorites.

and tjis one,

and these two, but the highlight of the package is this one...

Talmk about NM too.  SWEET buyback, thanks again Shane.

Have a great night!


  1. Those red Classics are really fantastic, I've never seen either one of them before!

  2. Red border classics? Not sure I'm familiar with those. Very cool stuff. Generosity begets generosity.

  3. Awesome, so glad you could use that many of them. Thanks again for the contest!

  4. haven't see the red Classics either! a thoughtful package from the Legend!!