Monday, January 21, 2019

Monday Minis

Mini Collection that is. Tonight will be running with a few scans from the "SIGNING"
I have 3.5 years WORTH sitting in stacks back home that need to sorted and scanned to update this file. Actually all of my MC's.  One of these days.

My mini collections have several NFL cards in them, which I will not be removing except for the autos and relic cards.   Emmit played for my Gators so he definitely gets a pass.

A couple of horizontal  signers.

Backs of cards too.

The next 4 cards???????

I have absolutely no idea how these cards wound up in that folder, or why I even scanned them to begin with. Then still cropped them too and I didn't catch it. I'm losing it, wait I must have already lost it because I scanned these several years ago.

Have  a great night!


  1. Gwynn with his big bat is a funtastic card!

  2. I really like that Dave Henderson card, probably because he actually looks like he's happy to sign for those folks.

  3. Always thought Belle was a jerk. Kinda cool to see that he'd sign for fans.

    P.S. Cool Gwynn card.