Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Going after those goals. HARD!

Back on the first of the month, I posted my collecting goals for 2019. More like my focus for this year. I decided those goals back in December, and on 12/31 I took action.

I went after a bakers' dozen of cards I want or wanted.

Here we have a 1912 Hasan Triple Folder that has been cut out.  This works for me as I can place it in the Miller binder, and I believe is the oldest Miller in that binder. Juist so happens to be a John Miller.

I also grabbed a couple of vintage Braves cards. A T205 & T206.  Now, like my post the other day stated.....I won't be attempting to get another Piedmont 350/25 for m Braves team set. This one will count for both the set build and the Braves team need.

Here are the other 10 from this order.....Now for a Close up.

I realize that most of these are beat up/loved pretty good, but that works for me. I'm already satisfied with the T206 additions for the year, so anymore will be just be ICING on the cake. Speaking of icing, I have another Braves T206 on it's way to me right now.

I hope these cards were a blast for you..... they were for me. Goal #2 is already an A+.

Have a great night!

BTW:  I'm heading to a show in a couple of weeks (back home). Driving down and back same day.

Saturday, January 26,2019 * 9am-2pm
Laurel Manor Rec. Center
Corner Buena Vista Blvd.& 466
2 Rooms-Over 80 Tables of Sports Cards and
Sports Memorabilia on sale at reduced prices 
2 guest signers "Baseball thru the Ages" 

GEORGE YANKOWSKI-Former catcher Philadelphia A's,
Chicago White Sox,1942-43. Barnstormed with Babe Ruth.
SAM McDOWELL-Former pitcher Cleveland Indians,
S.F.Giants,N.Y.Yankees,P.Pirates,1961-75. Cy Young Winner.

( Signing from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Walk-In items FREE.
8-1/2" x 11" Photos available at $2 each ).

Yeah.....A card show.


  1. YES! Love seeing T206 cards. Many of mine fall into the "well loved" category and to be honest, I may love them just a little more than some of my better condition ones. I wish they could talk to us and tell us where they've been and how they were cared for (or not) over the last 110 years.


  2. Dang. You don't mess around. Congratulations Mr. Miller!

  3. Awesome pick ups, congrats on knocking out a goal so early in the year!