Friday, January 11, 2019

Freaky Friday

No we're not watching a movie. The only freak going on here today is me and my mini collections.
I used to find ANY reason to hang on to a baseball card. Back when I started this blog I wound up having close to a hundred mini collections. I remember back in 2014 and 2015 in an effort to reduce those collections I'd give some of those collections away to commenter's. I remember a few of those like dirty uniforms or whatever I called it. High 5's, pointing up towards the Heavens, bunting, turning two's, and pitchers batting or on the base paths. I can't remember any of the others, but there were several more that was given away back in them thar days.

I still have a ton of MC's. Pretty sure I'm good with the ones I kept. My favorite has and probably will always be Bubble Gum, even though Topps attempt to thwart it (inserts) did turn me a little red in the face. It wasn't my first mini collection. No... my mini's got started from idea I stole from recent return to the blogs blogger Alex Markle. You see Alex had this thang for Dodgers in the background, and boy did I send him a ton. That closely looking over the cards got me started on all of those darn MC's, like My Braves in the Background. Man, that sounds so much better than Dodgers (LOL).

I haven't updated the scan folder with any of the ones I've added in the last 3 1/2 years. But is has been awhile since last showing these off.


Olson, another catcher.


I'm not thinking that catcher is a Brave right now. But at least Beltran is a PC guy.

Now that's a play at the plate.

That is a grimmace on the Braves players face, look close.

This one's a double hit for me cuz Omar is no recorded PC guy too.

Eddie Perez.  Smoltz must have been pitching.

The top card gets to PC guys with McCann and Delgado.

Yes, I see the dupe.

Great shot, which reminds of one of those forgotten MC's,  Superman!  Remember this shot......

Did Chipper get him?

See it... I did, and look another superman.

That McCann on top may have been the "newest" card when I last scanned these.


Back to the story.... Alex is the reason I started checking my cards a bit closer. Yep, even checking birthdays, fronts, and backs.

A littl4e everything going on with these three.

Loaded with star power.


A Little Inter-league action.

Talk about touch up, check out those eyes.

Another dupe in the book.

Sure do get a lot of catchers, and not just behind the plate.

Yep another dupe with the Berryhill, but it does show what I was just saying.

Another catcher on the base paths.

 That will do it until I get the next batch scanned (they are back home). So it will be awhile again. I used to do a Monday Mini theme. So maybe I'll do one of the others (MC) this coming Monday, we'll see.

Have a great night!

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  1. Some fantastic action there! I've already got so much on my plate, I wouldn't even consider trying to star an A's in the background collection. Although... I've thought about doing a 70's Oakland Coliseum in the background collection. Lol. Still... it never happened and probably never will.