Saturday, January 19, 2019

Trade post

These cards have been claimed by Dion: trade pending.

Not a trade that recently came in. No not even a trade already made. This is a TUESDAY TRADE proposal.

I have a ton of misc. autograph and relic cards. Many of which are football and basketball. I got rid of the majority of my regular NFL cards (threw them in the trash- burned some too). Don't want anything to do with them. I still haven't done anything with that MASSIVE John Elway collection, but I will one day what matters to me is that I not adding to it.

Moving onto the proposal. I no longer want to KEEP the autos/relics from other sports, just baseball and preferably Braves. So here's the deal. Many of y'all (my southern twang...did you hear it?) love many/all sports. Many like autos, on card and stickers too. Many like relic cards. Why not trade the cards I have and DO NOT want for cards that I DO WANT.

Each Tuesday, at least I'll try. I will put up some cards for trade. What I'm looking for are Braves auto's and relics that I don't have, and if you can't come up with anything there baseball cards will get the job done.

If you see a card or whole post of cards that would make a better home at your place, comment and lmk (or e-mail) what autos/relics you have to offer in trade. Because most of these are "common" and not your super stars the weight will be on your side. I have no problem trading no-bodies (I don't like that term-----but you get my drift) for no-bodies or trading multiples of mine for a lesser return.

I tried this 5-6 years ago and it didn't work out so well. This time I hope will be different being they're all autos/relic cards. REMEMBER I'M TRADING IN YOUR FAVOR!

Here we go with tonight's offering: Football autos.

1st up is a dual auto patch card, serial #d 98/99. National Treasure is a high end set.   Who wants DJ Foster and whatcha got in return?

A whole lot of RC's. I don't follow FB so I have no idea who many of these guys are. But when you buy cards by the box you wind up with stuff you must trade away, so gander away and make some offers.

I have several hundred of these cards that I picked up at the Jax card show last year that haven't made it back home to Ocala. I'll be trading from these first, then I'll grab the FB & BKB auto/relics from the house when I run out of these.




  1. Didn't see anything I could use this round... but I'll keep my eyes peeled for these posts.

  2. I'm totally into to this and would take all autos and any Ravens relics.... With that said let me pull some Braves items and cards and see what we can do! shoot me an email so I have it my email is soskinfamily at yahoo dot com