Monday, January 28, 2019

10 cent additions

I made it back home Saturday, and went to the card show then took my daughter for dinner. Great day even if I hadn't bought any cards. Which I did. We'll start with the dime additions. We might make it through them tonight.

Maybe I should have stated that these are all Braves team set needs. Yes needed everyone of these.

Dime inserts, got to love it.

So many needs were met. All of these actually came from my vendor friend from Jacksonville who just so happened to be set up at this show.

Well, that wraps up the inserts.

Now on to the base and parallel cards. The two cards showing backs are so you can see the so called white backs.

Blue and golds.

I had forgotten that 2003 Stadium Club had a retail and hobby version of a ton of players. The Adam LaRoche is an example of this. Don't ask which is which...... I have no clue.

Well this is the stopping point for tonight. I'll finish the dime additions on Wednesday.

Have a great night!


  1. Wow! Do you know how many Braves cards (approximately) you have? I feel like it must be tens of thousands!

  2. Yeah... I'm a big fan of 10¢ inserts... especially when they're of the 90's variety. Great stuff.

  3. good deals! i easily lose track of time at a table full of dime boxes, easily spending four or five hours.

  4. Along with guys I’m looking for to get autographed in dime boxes always seem to pull out all the numbered cards too! Last week pulled out 60 or so it will be a post later in the week lol