Thursday, January 3, 2019

2018 Totals

It is January 3rd, 2019, and probably too early to put out these numbers. Oh well, doing it anyway.

ACCORDING to Beckett online. There are 9,991 Braves cards released in the 2018 products. Keep in mind Beckett frequently does not put a team with the card and thus doesn't show up. With that said over 10K Braves cards. This number is astounding (NOT impressive more like staggering) and impossible for a team collector to get them all. I still want them all, but other than the base cards of the normal sets I just wait and hope someone sends them to me. Recently our fellow blogger and trader Greg aka Night Owl has posted about focusing on his sets even though he'll still take all of the Dodgers we send him. I TOTALLY GET HIS DRIFT. I believe throughout 2019 I'll be making a decision to remedy this dilemma regarding my Braves. We'll see.

Here are the numbers from recent years:
2017- 8,680
2016- 6,547
2015- 6,145.

Now I know we've all (most of us) have been complaining about how Topps needs to quit this crap for several years, but as you can see the TREND is getting worse! Nearly doubling over 3 years ago. We all or those who want to need to find a better way for Topps to HEAR US. 

Just NOW writing that I think I may have already decided to drop my Braves team sets just buy factory complete sets and be done with it. That will remove about 90% of what I spend each and every year. Not even bust wax except for the older sets I'm still working on.  Hmmm.

Moving on to the breakdown of the 9,991.

Atlanta Braves= 9,640 cards
Milwaukee= 257 cards
Boston= 23 cards
Misc.= 71 cards I do show 35 Rome Braves and 30 Mississippi Braves so technically 6 misc. cards.

TOPPS- 7,701
PANINI- 2101

LEAVES 189 from other manufactures.

Serial #d cards- 7,892
Autographed- 3,203
Memorabilia- 1,747

Base cards- 918
Parallels- 4032
Parallel inserts- 3763
Inserts- 1278.

Player breakdown (top ten):

Albies- 1579
Acuna- 1284
Freeman- 924
Chipper- 626
Fried- 455

Sims- 451
Gohara- 371
Aaron- 355
Smoltz- 338
Maddux- 292.

Looking back over the years:

2008 Braves- 7955
1998- 3660 (when the Braves ruled the decade for all of MLB -except for the World Series)
1988- 622.  included are 146 cards minor league cards. 

Topps you are way overboard. Beyond Capitalism, beyond Commericalism, just Pure greed. 

In closing obviously I'm pissed. I have decided already to limit what I buy. Please know this I do want all of those parallels and inserts you guys send me. I'm just not going to buy any myself. I guess what I need to do right now is decide on breaking up the Braves binders and putting those cards into the set builds or PC if needed there. I don't know what to do with the rest (those not needed in the above) at this point. 

Have a great night. 


  1. 7,701 2018 Topps Braves cards? Ridiculous. As much as I have always supported Topps' products... this is just plain stupid. I gave up trying to get every single A's card years ago. I don't even try to get every single Gwynn card. These days... I buy what I like and move forward. If I get a new card in my collection, I'm happy... but I'm not going to drive myself nuts trying to become a completist.

    1. It's not possible to be a completist, too many 1 of 1's, lol.