Friday, February 1, 2019


It has been a long time since I last posted on my original/first Franken-Set. Here is the link from almost 1 year ago.   Franken set 2018    This is a binder with the cards numbers holding the spot. First rule ONLY Braves, 2nd rule ONLY doubles, 3rd rule ONCE placed it is permanent.

Since I have been in Valdosta helping my uncle, I haven't taken any new additions back home to be placed in the binder (which would be the ideal way to show off the completed pages). Needless to say I have 2 years worth of these to be placed in the binder. I finally scanned up what I have here in GA. and boxed them up to take back home next trip. 2018 definitely was a good year for this collection. So, I will show you ALL of the card backs so that you can see the numbers being added. I will say this as of today the first "missing" number is 655 (page 73) and so happens to be a number without a Brave thus far.

These 9 closed out several pages.

As did these.

The first 6 here closed out pages too, or at least they will once I put them in the binder. I can't believe that I didn't have the Chipper RC already in the binder. After all, I probably only had a dozen of those dupes since I started this thing in 2013.  The 84' Fleer checklist #654 is a Braves checklist on the front, and that marks the last card without an interruption.

Topps Total was a big help with some high numbers.

The Pro Cards minor league set you see here helped out a ton. Originally I wasn't going to use them, but I decided it was that or there would be NO BRAVES for those numbers. They are Braves cards, and a lot of future MLB'ers.

In case you are wondering the front these cards are a beautiful dark blue border.

Now this Pro Cards set Macon Braves was a sure fire addition, knocking out a bunch of needed numbers.

Yep, got a steal on this set too. $4.00 delivered. You can't grab a copy of that Chipper for that.

Again Total helping out.  The Lykes card above and below don't seem to have numbers. I think my plan was to place them in the slots that DO NOT have Braves cards available yet. It's been so long I forgot.

My original plan was to stop at 999, but I do have a few above that. 2009 Upper Deck has a run of Braves #d 973-1009 so that will be a plus once I already have them twice before (Braves set and set builds).

Here are the numbers I still NEED that MAY have available Braves: 655, 664, 740, 764, 799, 801, 803, 804, (805, 806) 1/1's, not sure what to do here, 808, 809, 810 (1/1), 812, 815, 851, 864, 886-889, 891-894, 896-899, 902-908, 911-915, 917-928, 930-971, 973-1009. 

Topps Now maybe an outlet for some high numbers too.

Here are numbers that definitely do NOT have Braves as of today: 661, 670, 679, 680, 726, 729, 737, 738, 741, 746, 757, 762, 765-768, 773-775, 783, 785, 786, 793, 796, 798, 813, 814, 848, 849, 852, and 900. 

Sounds like next years "custom project" mix in the 1/1's and I can close out this Franken-set. 

See ya later alligators! 

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  1. I'd like to do this project one day. If I do, I'll probably go up to 792 in honor of my childhood Topps sets and leave myself the option of swapping out cards (like upgrades). Not sure when I'll find the time to do this. But one day.